Hi friend

I'm Brandon Harwood. I'm a product designer with a psychology background living in Dallas, Texas. Check me out on:
Medium, Linkedin, Dribbble & Instagram. Or if you'd like, you chan check out my resume.

During normal human work hours you'll probably find me designing exciting and cutting edge projects at IBM, where I work with clients in multiple industries to create experimental and innovative proof of concepts. Iím a recent grad from the University of North Texas with a BA in Psychology and a minor in social science. During my time there I also founded UNT's Association for Design & Code. I'm also a massive coffee nerd, hackathon enthusiast, and occasional dungeon master.

I'm always looking for new friends, if you're interested in chatting, feel free to say hi.
My portfolio is under construction right now, but you can see some of my work in the following case studies:

Fujitsu Intranet Redesign

Developing Fujitsuís Extranet

Claire: A Hackathon Experiment

Bringing IoT to the Party with Harman Audience